Sanitas Vita K Eye Cream

Based in Colorado, Sanitas is a green skincare company that's been quietly doing its thing as more and more green lines crop up. And by "thing" I mean, pumping out serious products with a powerful ingredient list deserving of a line in a dermatologist's office, sans the worrisome additives. Their Glycolic Toner means business, I'll wince from the sting at first application. And this eye cream is no lightweight, either. It boasts ingredients like Vitamin K, long hailed as an effective ingredient against dark under eye circles, Horse Chestnut for blood vessel integrity, Rubin for circulation and Vitamin E to nourish and heal. Besides getting enough sleep, water and exercise, there aren't any magic elixirs for dark under eye circles -- but this comes pretty close.

Pharmaca / $24.99

May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon

May Lindstrom, model turned self-proclaimed "beauty chef" is arguable the darling of the green beauty world. Her concoctions are elegantly packaged and smell divine. Each product is a daily sensory experience; incorporate two or more and you've got yourself a serious ritual.  

Her Jasmine Garden Mist (not pictured) is a light floral and chocolate-ly  scented mist that revives complexions midday. I keep a bottle on my desk at work and I get a lot of zen out of the 3 seconds I take to close my eyes and spray it over my face -- no matter what my officemates must be thinking. 

And her Blue Cocoon balm, blue with blue tansy, is a mystical looking solid oil that melts instantly upon hitting the skin. It's soothing and hydrating, and great at quelling inflammation. It heals angry breakouts, and works as a great lip balm and eye cream in the parched winter months. Just be careful if you open a tub of this in July, I sloshed a good bit of it all over my bathroom counter. Yet another reason to break this one open in the winter.