Kypris Cleanser Concentrate


Kypris' forway into cleansing territory is like a progressively formulated pot of old fashioned cold cream. Instead of mineral oil and bee's wax, however, this decadent cleanser is packed with nourishing, good-for-you ingredients including moringa oil, shea butter, and prickly pear.

Promising up to 60 uses per jar, a little bit indeed goes a long way. Working a dab into the skin, makeup rinses off easily and gently. Following washing, skin is comfortable and neither overtly dry or heavy with emollient residue. Since you're dealing with aglass jar, it's not recommended for traveling (unless you decant into a smaller plastic pot), but that's okay; the elegant jar by itself elevates the look of my bathroom counter amidst the Shopkins toothbrushes and contact solution.


Beauty heroes subscription box

Even the most dismal day can be brightened by popping up my mailbox and spotting a neatly packaged Beauty Heroes box waiting for me inside. Created by a spa industry veteran, the subscription is the clean beauty's answer to the slow food movement: Non-toxic holy grail products ( or "discoveries" as they call them), are lovingly culled into monthly boxes to be incorporated into your self care routine. 

And no duds so far. Lines like LilFox (the honey based mask + scrub pictured above, by the way, is a fantastic morning facial treatment), Osmia, Josh Rosebrook and Mahalo have all been featured in my boxes. All of these lines have long been darlings of other clean beauty bloggers, and my Instagram feed is often dotted with unabashed adoration for these lines. But their products are pricey, and my skin is fussy. So it's lovely getting their one-size-fits-all greatest hits sent my way and dodging have to pay the full retail value, at roughly $38 a box.