Inlight Skin-Easy balm + Face Oil


Winter can be especially brutal on the skin, and I often find myself shelving lightweight oils and brisk tonics in favor of dense balms and emollient-heavy oils that require a few minutes to sink in. Enter these two hero products from UK-based Inlight: a nurturing vanilla scented facial oil, and a medicinal catch-all balm to heal a spectrum of skin complaints.

Formulated by a doctor using only organic ingredients, Inlight doesn't have one star ingredient that the line is built around, rather a cocktail of proven botanicals.

The Facial Oil is a rich, slippery golden oil that faintly smells like vanilla (thanks to a hint of vanilla oil) and feels as comforting as a soft duvet. Anti-inflammatory blue mallow, skin strengthening jojoba, and vitamin A rich rosehip oils provide an all round effective facial oil for daily use. It layers well underneath sunscreen, just give it a couple minutes to settle.

The Skin-Easy Balm is particularly useful to keep in the medicine cabinet. The metal tube holds an herbal scented balm (thanks, no doubt, to the anti-bacterial neem oil within it) that's exceptionally heavy with minimal slip. A blend of beeswax, coconut, castor and olive oils envelope whatever problem area it's applied to, and the concoction of antibacterial, cleansing ingredients inlcuding neem, propolis, frankinscence, tea tree and lavender oils do its work. This balm is lauded for healing acne (though, if like me, coconut oil causes you to break out, it's best to reserve this for skin maladies away from the face – with the notable exception of raw, red noses from seemingly endless days of nose-blowing during cold season). I've also found it fantastic for bug bites, rashes and garden-variety skin afflictions for myself and my little ones. 

Both of these products, as well as the rest of the Inlight line can be found in the US via

Alima pure pressed foundation

Powder foundations often get a bad rap. I've seen countless beauty columns advise to stay clear of them because they're "aging" – undoubtedly due to their glow-squelching mattifying effects. It doesn't layer well, and it's a slippery slope before you've overdone and caked up the skin.

But it's really hard to go overboard with this compact, owing to Alima Pure's universally heralded mineral pigments, which have light-reflecting properties baked in. It covers blemishes and blends in sunspots, while looking like you're wearing nothing at all. And skin isn't parched after applying, it rests beautifully on the skin owing to the argan, evening primrose, aloe and shea butter in the formula. Think of this as a powder for those who've historically hated powder.

Brilliantly packaged in refillable compacts, I'm already on my second pan.