Treat Collection

Hailing from Berlin, Treat Collection is the only 5-free nail polish worth it's salt that I've found so far. The bottles are sleek, the formula isn't clumpy or runny, the polishes dry hard and actually last. Plus the colors are sublime. I've always gazed longingly at the Chanel polishes since my decision to clean up my beauty products, but Treat Collection ticks all my boxes. I picked up Sugar Frosting and So Simple and while you can't tell in the picture, both have a very subtle gold shimmer laced throughout. Metallic polishes always last a good deal longer, and I gravitate towards polishes with some glitter or shimmer to help anchor the formula.

Treat Collection Nail Polishes. From left, Sugar Frosting, So Simple, Laughing Out Loud, Picture Perfect, Wonderland, The Girls.

Treat Collection Nail Polishes. From left, Sugar Frosting, So Simple, Laughing Out Loud, Picture Perfect, Wonderland, The Girls.

RMS Beauty Eye Polish

RMS Beauty is the creation of Rose-Marie Swift, a stellar make up artist who's work spans 2 decades and countless advertising campaigns, runway shows and magazine covers. (She's also Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen's goto makeup artist.) After discovering the detrimental effects working in the beauty industry had on her—and her client's—health, she took matters into her own hands and created her eponymous, upscale line. Enter little glass pots of coconut oil based products, that build beautifully and comfortably, resting on the skin with a sheen that looks believable. No brushes required, it's the un-makeup makeup. 

Her signature eye polishes are cream eye shadows evolved. These pots of color are universally flattering—trust me, anyone can wear any of these colors! They aren't too shimmery, sparkly or shiny. These colors are modern, understated with a subtle gleam. Plus, they're finger-friendly, no brushes needed and the coconut oil in the formulas moonlights as a natural anti-bacterial agent. 

From left to right, beginning with top row: Inspire, Karma, Seduce, Magnetic, Solar, Lunar, Imagine.

From left to right, beginning with top row: Inspire, Karma, Seduce, Magnetic, Solar, Lunar, Imagine.

However they're not crease proof. I emailed Rose-Marie and here's what she said... "they are not guaranteed crease proof, but there are easier ways to apply it.  Never have any eye cream or moisturizer underneath. Apply minimally and really work into the eye lid almost like you were polishing. Sounds strange I know, but these eye shadows are unique because the oil in them cause that dewy reflective look and make the eye look younger."  

I asked about using them with a liner, and she responded "you need to keep a slight separation from the line and the shadow, 1/8" and the shadow will blend down slightly and have room [to spread] when not right on top of the liner.  My new powder can be used, but it will absorb the shine."

I'll pat these over powder shadow for a dewy look, or to tone things down if I get too enthusiastic with my eye makeup that morning. I tried patting Alima Pure shadows to stabilize them, but they still slip considerably during the day. You will need to reapply, especially if you're not in a dry climate. 

However, these pots are multipurpose! I use Solar as a gold highlighter on cheekbones and lips - I'm super pale, but the color gives a warm sheen in the summer months. Seduce and Magnetic look fantastic as an eyeliner on my lower lids, they stay put and soften during the day to a natural gleam -- great if you're wanting an understated smokey eye. And Lunar is a great highlighter on cheekbones, cupid's bow, or the bridge of one's nose.

Chime in with any other ways to use these eye polishes! I'm interested in learning how others are making them work, and plan to follow Rose-Marie's suggestion with using her loose powder to help set them. 


(Taken from RMS Beauty's website.)

Lunar: A champagne pearl shimmer that can double as a highlighter for a frosted evening look. 
Solar: A warm, golden bronze that can be used as a highlighter when blended subtly over the skin or lips. 
Karma: The ultimate color for a sultry, smoky eye. A rich, dark brown/black shadow with just a hint of silver makes this a very sophisticated color. Also great when used as a smoky liner.
Magnetic: Her biggest seller is this taupe/silver shadow with a hint of mauve. 
Seduce: A sensuous earthy brown hue that can double as a contour. 
Inspire: Metallic baby blue with a hint of silver, very 60s.

Ilia Beauty Mascara Swatches & Review

Ilia Beauty is, without a doubt, on the Dior/Chanel/Tom Form end of the clean beauty line spectrum. First, there were lip conditioners and lipsticks in sleek metallic packaging. Then, there were multipurpose sticks (think NARS multiples), and then last year, the line expanded to include mascaras. I held off on the first iteration, as the formula did contain phenoxyethanol. (Let's be honest, the mascara wand is housed in a dark, moist container -- the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. And mascara is probably the most challenging product for a chemist to create under green specifications.) But I was thrilled to see Ilia come out with a revamped formula, sans phenoxyethanol. 

Nightfall, Macao, Shadow of a Doubt, Asphalt Jungle

Nightfall, Macao, Shadow of a Doubt, Asphalt Jungle

I have Nightfall, the deep black shade. I did have to wipe off excess product from the wand the first few weeks, but the formula holds a curl wonderfully. It's not goopy, thankfully, as most clean mascaras are. And along with Coleur Carmel, the best substitute for Dior Show that I've found yet. For maximum benefit, pick up a Shu Uemura lash curler. 

And can I just say how much I love the other shades? Asphalt Jungle is gorgeous on blue eyes, and I'd like to score a tube of Macao to experiment using it on lower lashes exclusively.