Sexy Angelic by Honore des Pres

Yes, this French perfume is ECOCERT, meaning it's ingredients are 100% natural botanicals produced using organic farming methods. But once glance at the bottle confirms this isn't your Kundalini instructor's bottle of patchouli.

Created by Olivia Giacobetti, arguably the best "nose" (and interestingly the only female one widely recognized in the industry, and the first to create an entirely non-toxic fragrance). She's been hired to create fragrances for Diptyque, Frederic Malle, Costes, Hermes and L`Artisan Parfumeur. 

And yes, Sexy Angelic is classified as gourmand, meaning it's a fragrance that smells good enough to eat, but neither is it one of those infantile cupcake-y concoctions marketed towards tweens. 

Giacobetti was inspired by the traditional marzipan candies of Aix-en-Provence. The sugared almond paste is the base note, with the peppy kick of Angelica seed (anise like notes) and balanced with green iris and hemlock (celery like notes) to tie it all together.

It's extremely feminine  but not overtly sweet. At first spray, it's all black licorice candy and effervescent green top notes, before slowly descending into a soft powdery buzz. By the end of the day, it simmers into a heady vanilla almond. I've had a bottle of this on rotation over the past year, and I still can't get enough.

$84 / Spirit Beauty Lounge or Detox Market

Yüli Cell Perfecto PM

No skincare line has better demonstrated that green beauty has evolved from it's shabby origins in the corner of your local co-op than Yüli Skincare. Created by an aesthetically minded, badass chemist, bottles of Yüli are handed out during New York Fashion Week and enthusiastically lauded on beauty blogs like Into the Gloss. The packaging is simple, the promises are serious, and the elegant sounding products have equally elegant sounding ingredients.

The one product from their line I've tried so far is the Cell Perfecto PM serum, a nightly oil that helps heal acne scars. Pigmented acne scars are easiest to deal with; those will heal over time. As anyone with cystic acne will tell you, the pitted ones that affect the landscape of the skin are much harder to get rid of.

Yun, the line's founder flexes her biochemical prowess with a cocktail of the usual suspects (sea buckthorn, jojoba oil... ) as well as the more unusual ones (Gotu Kola, Indian Fig, Reishi extracts).  The serum does encourage visable healing over time, but it would take a bottle or two to gain measurable benefit. If you're at your wits end with acne scars and sun damage, and would like to start anew, this would be a worthy investment. 

Alima Pure Natural Definition Pencil in Patina

This isn't your average brown eye pencil. It's not matte or dark. It's a beige-d up brown with a shimmering cast that veers more silver than gold. 

And it's gorgeous, I'd recommend this to anyone. Anyone on the complexion spectrum would look lovely with this along the lower waterline, hazed out all both lash lines for a modern smokey eye, or just along the top line for a minimalist look.

Because it's both lightweight and versatile, this is a great makeup bag staple.

Alima Pure | $18 

(Kirsten) Kjaer Weis

The most luxe, on point, line with a range of shades where you cannot possibly go wrong would be Kjaer Weis. One of my personal heroes, Kirsten Kjaer Weis is a Danish makeup artist, who (true to Scandinavian sensibilities and priorities) enlisted a designer to create her silver, reusable packaging. Her eyeshadows, swatches of which are below, are ahead of the curve.

Long before Urban Decay blew everyone's mind with their Nude eye shadow palettes, Kjaer Weis was producing singular, interesting neutrals that look good on everyone. Her 2015 fall line up is 70's luxe, coppery shadows, poppy cheeks and golden brown lip tints. And my money is that this time, next year, Sephora junkies are going to be swaying towards that 70's Yves Saint Laurent/Halston aesthetic. 

Oh, and I was in the bay area last week and just missed meeting Kirsten in person during a Credo Beauty event. Then I received this picture in my inbox of her and Credo Beauty's lovely Sitarani and my heart swelled. This industry is made up of activists, forward thinking artists, folks passionate about environmental, health and social consciousness, and even people who will come this close to blows on a comment thread over whether phenoxyethanol is actually a carcinogen, but it's also full of the kindest people you'll ever know.

Jane Irdeale Peach Just Kissed

The initial Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek Stain incarnation was good, but way too blue/pink to be universally flattering. But this peach hued stain, part of their Spring/Summer 2015 launch, is just right. It still swings to a very cool and bright pink as the color develops, but it's much more wearable. In fact, I used it on a recent wedding gig - bridal party and moms all rocked it, looking very fresh and romantic. 

This also is one of those holy grail products that performs (read: lasts from 8am espresso through 9pm cup of chamomile tea ) like Nars or Benetint, but with a much more healthier lineup of ingredients listed on the box. Busy moms, busy employees, or just plain busy people who don't have time to reapply lipstick–much less blush–throughout the day. This is for you.