How gorgeous is this gel mask? It’s become a summer time mainstay, when sweat, sunscreen and garden grim slick up my face and my trusty oil cleansers don’t leave me feeling clean enough. It’s a gentle mask, however, nothing like stripping action you’ll get from say, Goop’s exfoliating treatments. A potent combo of botanicals (white willow, known for smoothing out acne) and BHA/AHA enzymes quietly dissolve dead skin. All the while, blue tansy (which gives this gel its mesmerizing hue) soothes, leaving the face refined and balanced.

$48 for the most elegant glass jar in your medicine cabinet.

Herbivore Sea Mist

I cannot resist a sea salt hair spray; it means I don't need to put effort into (read: brush) my hair. Just a bit of spray and a perfunctory fluff with my fingertips before running out the door feeling simultaneously polished and gently undone. That said, these sprays often dry, leaving hair feeling crunchy. Not so with this glass bottle from Herbivore. The addition of coconut oil adds shine and nourishes the hair, while somehow managing to not add any weight. This adds polish, texture, and just a bit of volume. Plus, it smells indulgently of coconut and beach vacations, and the fragrance pleasantly lingers hours later.