Reverie Rake Styling Balm

I’ve been admittedly hard-pressed to find an exciting alternative to the Bumble & Bumble products that I enjoyed during my college years. Like everyone else, I want my haircare to work efficiently, But while I’ve been committed to a classic bob cut the past few years, I’m a sucker for lines that exude edginess. Maybe it’s to compensate for the plainness of my hair in contrast with the spectrum of bold choices paraded on Instagram.

At any rate, Reverie has ticked all my boxes when it comes to haircare. Clean ingredients, beautiful unisex scents, elegant packaging and quality formulations that perform exactly as stated. This balm, with its mysterious and woodsy scent, gives the right amount of definition while still keeping strands breezy. My husband goes through pot after pot of these, it gives him enough control to tame his thick and wavy hair. He likes it because it’s not too shiny or wet, but not one of those drying beeswax-y type formulas that accumulate and weigh down hair.

To each their own, but my technique is pretty simple. Smashing a bit between my palms, I tousle and pull the product though the lower half of my hair. It takes less than a minute, and polishes up my bedhead so it looks purposefully messy. (2.5 oz, $36

*Note, they’ve since upgraded the packaging from the above photographed glass pots to a tube.

Herbivore Sea Mist

I cannot resist a sea salt hair spray; it means I don't need to put effort into (read: brush) my hair. Just a bit of spray and a perfunctory fluff with my fingertips before running out the door feeling simultaneously polished and gently undone. That said, these sprays often dry, leaving hair feeling crunchy. Not so with this glass bottle from Herbivore. The addition of coconut oil adds shine and nourishes the hair, while somehow managing to not add any weight. This adds polish, texture, and just a bit of volume. Plus, it smells indulgently of coconut and beach vacations, and the fragrance pleasantly lingers hours later.