Jane Iredale White/Pink Highlighter Pencil

This chubby dual sided pencil is an easy tool for looking more rested.

The shimmery white side is lovely in the inner corners of the eyes (draw sideways Vs, or my favorite thing to do is a light dash along the lower lid until you hit where the lash line starts.) The pink side is a pearly petal, a great accent along the cupid's bow or smudged along the lid as a creamy shadow. You could also use either side along the cheekbones, making this a versatile item for traveling or freshening up in the late afternoon. And no matter how you use it, it contrasts beautifully with a (fake) tan, hastening the feeling (at least in Seattle) that it really is Spring.

Jane Irdeale Peach Just Kissed

The initial Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek Stain incarnation was good, but way too blue/pink to be universally flattering. But this peach hued stain, part of their Spring/Summer 2015 launch, is just right. It still swings to a very cool and bright pink as the color develops, but it's much more wearable. In fact, I used it on a recent wedding gig - bridal party and moms all rocked it, looking very fresh and romantic. 

This also is one of those holy grail products that performs (read: lasts from 8am espresso through 9pm cup of chamomile tea ) like Nars or Benetint, but with a much more healthier lineup of ingredients listed on the box. Busy moms, busy employees, or just plain busy people who don't have time to reapply lipstick–much less blush–throughout the day. This is for you.