One afternoon, three looks

My gorgeous friend–and fellow mother–Katrina, came by to play with makeup one rainy afternoon. We had a goal in mind: find a couple fun spins on her makeup routine. And we found three. 

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First look: I prepped her skin with Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen. A dab of 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Stain in Cherry on the cheeks, before RMS Beauty Master Mixer liberally massaged on the the cheekbones, and lightly patted all over. On her eyes, initially, I used RMS Beauty's Eye Polishes in Solar all over her eyelid, and then worked in Karma into the crease and eye line for definition (those two colors melt together beautifully!). I then lined the lower inner rim with Alima Pure's eye pencil in Coffee and finished with lightly defining her brows with Jane Iredale's Brow Kit in Brunette. Her naturally pink lips were gilded with Kari Gran's (amazing) Lip Whip in Shimmer.

Second look: I used Alima Pure's pressed foundation powder to mute the glistening effect and even out the complexion further. I then used my ring finger to pat in Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche lipstick in Nori. I concentrated the color in the center of her lip for a more modern, casual take on the statement lip. Foregoing the lipliner and going this route seems more romantic, the color literally looks like it's blooming.

For the third and final look: We blotted the statement lipstick off until it was a transparent stain. Then I applied Alima Pure's loose eyeshadow in Cypress (a moody, shimmering teal) with a wet eyeliner brush on her lower lash line, followed by Alima Pure's eyeshadow in Breathless in the inner corner.


RMS Beauty's Eue polish in Lucky

Rose-Marie Swift, goto makeup artist for Giselle and Miranda Kerr, has nailed the un-makeup look, the glow, the almost supernatural ethereal light reflecting cheekbones and juice cleansing beach bum bronze complexions that you see in some many advertisements and editorials. Her Living Luminizer accomplished the pearly angelic cheekbones, and then she threw out this gem out. A peachy, golden cream that's far less balm-y than the Luminizer, her eye polishes are drier in terms of texture, readily warming up when applied with fingertips. And that's the key with this, it's a product for finger-painting Picassos to freshen your existing makeup.

It softens and tones down my powder or cream blushes when they veer to blue-pink, (think Nars' Orgasm once this is applied over it), plus it makes my bronzer more believable. It makes cheek bones pop, gives a sun-kissed bloom and looks incredibly modern on top of eyelids with just mascara. Coco Chanel said something about  taking one accessory off before leaving the house,;this little pot is the beauty equivalent. It takes your make up down a notch, but ups the believability. A universally flattering shade, this will definitely earn a place in the canon of iconic clean beauty staples.