Terveer & Frau Tonis

First off, the larger bottle isn't clean per se. Frau Tonis makes vegan fragrances, and I was gifted this deluxe sample during a visit to an Air Berlin pop up. This bottle, #18, is inspired by the mediterranean with warm, zingy notes of fig, pepper and cedarwood–but manages to somehow remain aquatic and mellow.

Now the other three fragrances from Terveer are oil based, roll on perfumes. Gardenia reminds me of a cleaner Fracas, heavy on the tuberose and pikake. Incense (my favorite of the three) is a warm, sweet sandle wood with notes of oud wood, tobacco flower and burnt firewood. Lastly, Green channels a rural landscape with a blend of fresh ivy, fig leaves, fig wood, vetiver and wet oakmoss.