Gressa eye tints

In my opinion, the most natural, modern eyeshadows exist in a cream formula. But up to this point, none have stood up to the resilience test of a full workday, until Gressa launched these little pots of definition-bending eye shadows. 

Svetlana Sanchez, chemist and founder of Gressa, came out with her gorgeous serum foundation hybrid a few years ago and just about everyone in the beauty world collectively lost their minds. Now other companies are following suit in including broccoli seed oil in their formulas, but none of them quite have the same your-skin-but-better effect that her foundations gave.

And, thankfully, she's applied her progressive formula creating prowess to eye shadows. These are finger-friendly pigments ranging in coverage from sheer shimmer wash to full on eye-liner-worthy opacity. The texture is like no other, at once firm and blendable, it's flexible like a cream and hard to mess up, but it stays put. Her 2017 launch of three additional colors, pictured above, demonstrate this range. All three are lovely solo (the white, however, makes a great backdrop when you want to layer shadows and make the color really pop)  but blended together, they create the perfect dusky gray-green that looks amazing on anyone and offers enough color to make things interesting without veering into a full on statement. 

Also, I don't think Gressa's brushes have gotten the recognition they deserve. These have been my goto eye makeup brushes, the bristles are soft and maintain their shape, plus I have complete control out of the pigment placement even with a tight line. They've knocked my old MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes off of heavy rotation, and I hope Svetlana comes out with shorter, travel-friendly options. And, of course, more eye shadow colors. 

Gressa Eye Tints

Leave it to Svetlana Sanchez, the gifted chemist behind Gressa's bestselling foundation serums, to create a clean cream eye shadow that doesn't collect in the crease. It's not a cream in the traditional sense, the product itself is much more firm and dry, plus it doesn't reflect light aside from the shimmer content. But it blends like a dream, devoid of pesky fall out, and has a more modern, and 3 dimensional effect when compared to a powdered shadow. Available in three shades, (including Aureo, a lemony iced white gold that anyone can wear, as a base or inner eye accent), and the more intriguing Bronce and Obscur, a shimmering mid-tone brick that has enough of a cool undertone to remain neutral, and a matte, cool espresso for either a soft eye liner or crease depth, respectively.

The latter two are pictured below, with Bronce being my hands down favorite of the three. I use it daily as an eyeliner along the lower lash line and in the center of my lid to keep things interesting. Chanel Beauty's fall release, Le Rouge, was an exotic, artsy homage to a bold red eyeshadow. Less vampy, Bronce is on the same wavelength, but way more wearable, and versatile, given it plays nice with a spectrum of other shades. My latest favorite, being a cool teal.