Ellis Faas Red (and decidedly, not green)

Ellis Faas–an Amsterdam based makeup artist–is hands down, the most talented one alive. Her raw, exciting aesthetic is both dreamy and visceral. And her work never gets stale; like a David Lynch film or Alexander McQueen film, it always resonates on some level. 

Sadly, her make up line is far from natural. But the shades are all based on naturally occurring colors in the human spectrum. She pulls inspiration from the fleck of teal in an iris, a tawny freckle, or the off-white milkiness of a tooth, which makes her neutrals universally flattering and her avant garde colors wearable. 

I so wish more natural make up lines exercised this much thoughtfulness and restraint when creating their colors! Plus, her Creamy Eyes collection is on the less toxic end of the spectrum and I can vouch that they are very long lasting.

Has anyone ever had trouble finding the perfect red lipstick? One without irony, that doesn't sway too orange, too blue or too retro? Then you'll find the below video very helpful: