(Kirsten) Kjaer Weis

The most luxe, on point, line with a range of shades where you cannot possibly go wrong would be Kjaer Weis. One of my personal heroes, Kirsten Kjaer Weis is a Danish makeup artist, who (true to Scandinavian sensibilities and priorities) enlisted a designer to create her silver, reusable packaging. Her eyeshadows, swatches of which are below, are ahead of the curve.

Long before Urban Decay blew everyone's mind with their Nude eye shadow palettes, Kjaer Weis was producing singular, interesting neutrals that look good on everyone. Her 2015 fall line up is 70's luxe, coppery shadows, poppy cheeks and golden brown lip tints. And my money is that this time, next year, Sephora junkies are going to be swaying towards that 70's Yves Saint Laurent/Halston aesthetic. 

Oh, and I was in the bay area last week and just missed meeting Kirsten in person during a Credo Beauty event. Then I received this picture in my inbox of her and Credo Beauty's lovely Sitarani and my heart swelled. This industry is made up of activists, forward thinking artists, folks passionate about environmental, health and social consciousness, and even people who will come this close to blows on a comment thread over whether phenoxyethanol is actually a carcinogen, but it's also full of the kindest people you'll ever know.