One Love Organics Vitamin D Cleanser & Vitamin E Balm

One Love Organics is a remarkably effective lines that nails it in terms of ingredients, packaging, and value. Started by Suzanne LeRoux, a lawyer with a serious side interest in aromatherapy, integrative herbology, holistic nutrition and cosmetic chemistry and followed her husband's advice to make a career of it, One Love Organics' (or OLO as it's often called) signature pink, black and white labels are a staple in many clean top shelves.

And when she launched her collaboration with Elizabeth Dehn, of, the clean beauty world lost its collective mind.

The Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover is probably the highest lauded of the collection. It's a slick, super saturation oil with a faintly fruity scent that turns milky when it hits water. Drier skins would love this, sensitive/acne prone folks like myself would be better off using this as the first step in double-cleansing. It's fantastic at removing all makeup, but because its primary ingredient is sunflower seed oil, a secondary cleansing sweep was needed for me.

The Vitamin E Eye Balm is also a holy grail product for many enthusiasts. Like the cleanser, it's crazily hydrating but a bit much for me personally. My frigid Seattle bathroom kept the contents of this tiny jar solid, and I had to warm up the product each time on the palms of my hands before use. Unless you don't wear any eye makeup, this is primarily a night time eye cream. Shea Butter is the principal ingredient, followed by jojoba, Vitamin E and Sunflower oils, making it also versatile for a shot of moisture on any dry patches, cuticles, lips or elbows.