Yüli Cell Perfecto PM

No skincare line has better demonstrated that green beauty has evolved from it's shabby origins in the corner of your local co-op than Yüli Skincare. Created by an aesthetically minded, badass chemist, bottles of Yüli are handed out during New York Fashion Week and enthusiastically lauded on beauty blogs like Into the Gloss. The packaging is simple, the promises are serious, and the elegant sounding products have equally elegant sounding ingredients.

The one product from their line I've tried so far is the Cell Perfecto PM serum, a nightly oil that helps heal acne scars. Pigmented acne scars are easiest to deal with; those will heal over time. As anyone with cystic acne will tell you, the pitted ones that affect the landscape of the skin are much harder to get rid of.

Yun, the line's founder flexes her biochemical prowess with a cocktail of the usual suspects (sea buckthorn, jojoba oil... ) as well as the more unusual ones (Gotu Kola, Indian Fig, Reishi extracts).  The serum does encourage visable healing over time, but it would take a bottle or two to gain measurable benefit. If you're at your wits end with acne scars and sun damage, and would like to start anew, this would be a worthy investment.