If there is one thing you can do to suspend the relentless tick of the clock, to slow down time and ward off premature aging, experts agree it's wearing a good SPF every day. 

Look for one that's SPF 15 – SPF 30, for example isn't twice as effective as 15, we're talking about a scant 4% difference that can compromise the formula. My favorite tinted one is Suntegrity, it's a true multi-tasker and a repeat buy for me. I was first introduced to it at San Francisco's Credo Beauty following a 6am flight that turned into a nightmarish long trek with a plane delay, 2 hour wait time at Hertz, Bay Area traffic and a crying toddler. I had a headache coming on, but insisted on stopping at Credo. There, I wearily asked an onsite aesthetician what I needed, and she promptly whipped out a tube of this tinted SPF moisturizer, and a Kari Gran lip balm. She was spot on, I looked and felt more rested immediately. 

This SPF moisturizer is super hydrating; giving off the glow-y sheen of a facial oil, it blends quickly and negates any need for foundation. Just a bit of powder and under eye concealer (I love this as a day time eye cream as well), and you're done. Perfect for busy mornings or packing an overnight bag.