Acure Resurfacing Fruit Peel


Winter can be brutal on the skin. Volleying between the blast of dry heat indoors, cold wind, hot showers, etc... dries out my face, rendering it ashy. Rich oils and moisturizers help, but they are so much more effective after exfoliation. While I love daily mechanical exfoliating (eg, konjac sponges, Foreo cleansing brush, hot cloth cleansing...), a gentle chemical peel can be incredibly effective at whisking away complexion dulling debris. 

This mask is wonderfully effective at restoring the glow, and in just a few minutes. Fruit enzymes, including papaya, tingle on the skin as they dissolve dead skin cells. The difference after rinsing it off is impressive; skin looks fresher, tighter and healthier. A wallet-friendly must buy, this–and their plain argan oil– are my favorite of Acure's products.