Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir & Red Flower Little Candle Set: Two more Credo Beauty finds for gift giving inspiration

You know when a skincare item is constantly selling out, it must be really good. Such is the case with Beuti Skincare's Beauty Sleep Elixir, the (right now) sole product offered from this UK based line. This is an oil based anti-inflammatory serum that has none of the slipperiness or weight of a typical oil, so anyone who's afraid of oil will find this to function more like the serums they're accustomed to. Comprised of 14 anti aging plant ingredients (camellia oil, chia seed oil, seabuckthorn oil...) it also has some relatively unusual inclusions, like bitter cherry seed oil, strawberry seed oil, and sea whip extract–which is derived from Caribbean coral. (which I've confirmed to be sustainably resourced, only the tips of the coral are used, leaving the rest of the coral in tact and able to regrow). Sea whip extract is said to be particularly effective at quelling inflammation, which is the hallmark benefit of this bottle. In fact, they even suggest using this as a spot treatment for deflating acne spots.

A little goes a long way, and it's a nice change to have a facial oil deliver hydration that actually lasts throughout the day. (I've started keeping a bottle of Tata Harper's roll on facial oil in my bag because my cheeks become uncomfortably paper-dry during this winter months). The title suggests this being primarily used at night, but it's fantastic layered under SFP and doesn't interfere with foundation, blush or powder longevity. I'd suggest this for anyone dealing with acne, sensitive skin, premature aging, sunburn or recovering from laser therapy. Fun fact: Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (formerly known as Kate Middleton) is said to be a fan.

I'm hard pressed to find someone who doesn't appreciate a well made, scented candle, but I'm also hard pressed to find one that actually scents the room, versus delivering a feeble 2" radius of fragrance. Not the case with Red Flower, their ubiquitous candles are sensory experiences. Their little glass gems with simple names (Indian Jasmine, French Lavender...)  belie unexpectedly complicated, rich and layered fragrances. If a candle can give off a cerebral olfactory effect, this would be it.

Plus I'm looking forward to repurposing these tiny beakers for mini succulent and air plant terrariums on my desk. 

Break apart this box for stocking stuffers or deliver this to a worthy recipient, it's like a box of chocolates but so much better.

Red Flower Orange Quince Steam Mist


Green beauty blogs these days gush over the sensory and measurable benefits of using a hydrosol - a spray toner for the face to refresh. This is very similar, only it's for the face, body and hair, plus packs a stronger scent.

Red Flower Orange Quince Steam Mist

Part of Red Flower's Hammam line, the Orange Quince Steam Mist  is the fourth in seven products/steps in a ritual inspired by the traditional hammam sequence, a purification ritual still practiced in Turkey (where Red Flower's founder has roots). To borrow from Red Flower's website, this line traces "its roots back to the ancient roman thermae–the body treatment traditions of the hammam can still be experienced from the far-reaching costa of andalusia, spain to the hot springs of turkey, tunisia and morocco." Think saunas, invigorating scrubs, oil massages, dips into hot and cool pools before finally, lounging on limestone slabs wearing nothing more than a cotton robe and sipping sweetened apple tea.

Back to this spray, it's not strong enough to be a perfume, but has more fragrance than your average toner. It's sweet, spicy and walks the line between exotic and clean. The top notes are floral and fleeting, sweet neroli, rose and bright orange blossom give way to clean citrus notes (quince and grapefruit) that are warmed up with cedar atlas wood.

Designed to be an uplifting aromatherapeutic experience, the spray also boasts natural extracts to balance out the skin. What I love it as, as a quick last step before getting dressed or running out the door, particularly when misted over the hair.

ingredient list: