SaJe Natural Wellness Perfume

No visit to Canada is satisfactory without an obligatory visit to a Saje Natural Wellness. The first thing you'll see on entering are the most elegant aromatic diffusers puffing out a steady stream of whatever blend off essential oils they're currently highlighting. My favorite scents are Tantra (a more refined option for those who like Lush's Karma), Yoga and Goddess.

Their perfume roll ons and bath salts in these scents have been repeat buys for me personally, as well as their Peppermint Halo headache remedy, which is so effective, that I even applied while in labor and prior to receiving an epidural, the tingling sensation helped me focus and relax. I can't recommend it enough to anyone who suffers from headaches. 

For those unable to make the trek, Saje does offer shipping outside of Canada.  Their Yoga antibacterial mat spray is a thoughtful gift for any yogi, barre or pilates aficionado. And these candles, reminiscent of a crinkly paper bag are amongst my favorite gifts to give. Once used up, they serve as sweet little succulent or air plant containers.