Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

Big, bold, fluttery lashes. Pretty much everyone these days are after them, and mascara isn't the onnly method to accomplish them.

There's Latisse (by prescription only), or the ubiquitous lash bars where you can get a custom set of faux lashes with a several week shelf life. But if like me, Latisse's myriad side effects (like changing eye color) unnerves you, or wearing fake eyelashes isn't your bag, there's a gentler approach in Plume's Lash & Brow Serum.  

The serum contains a nourishing cocktail of lash conditioners and obscure extracts (Coltsfoot Flower, Yarrow Flower, and Peruvian Bark Extract) to promote hair growth. Housed in a liquid eyeliner style wand, one application a night starts to yield results in as little as 17 days. That said, 60-90 days are recommended for full results.

And there are definitely results. Do a Google image search or check out their website to see the befores and afters shared by happy customers. My lashes – while fairly long – are pretty sparse and flimsy. After a couple months, they were blossomed, becoming noticeably thicker and voluminous. They were strengthened, holding up much more resiliently to the daily abuse I subject them to with a Shu Uemura lash curler each morning, with no kinks or broken lashes. 

I read somewhere that hair is as delicate as silk, and will of course eventually succumb to repeated damage inflicted from heat and styling. We fret over our split ends, slather our heads with buttery conditioning masks, and shell out for argan oil based styling serums. But we really didn't have anything to take care of our (much more fragile) lashes until now.


Kypris Beauty Elixers & Serums

Kypris, created by the intriguing Chase Polan, is a high performing skincare line that seriously elevates the skincare routine into a near-esoteric ritual. ("Offer your Self honest compliments as you anoint your skin," for example, is included in the directions on my bottle of Healing Bouquet.)  

Her trio of facial oils, aptly named Beauty Elixers, are full of softening, glow producing ingredients like sea buckthorn, black raspberry seed, rosehip and prickly pear extracts. They all contain a shelf-stable concentrate of vitamin C to support elasticity and firmness, plus free radical-quenching CoQ10. There's Prismatic Array for sensitive skin, 1000 Roses for hormonally troubled, polluted or mature skin, and then there's the Healing Bouquet for fussy, congested complexions. 

The serums are in a category of their own. If you want a product that actually works, you'll be happy with any (or all) of these. The Antioxidant Dew, hailed as their "hero product," is a molecularly lightweight moisturizer that depuffs, soothes and protects. Sheri Stroh (the best clean make up artist ever) relies on it often when prepping her model's faces.

The Moonlight Cataylst is a game-changer for any Retin-A devotee. Utilizing fermented pumpkin enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells, fade acne scars, and refine texture, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from it. 

The Clearing Serum supports the innate healing abilities of your skin, and I cannot go for more than a week without it. It keeps my combination skin in check, and acne at bay. Plus immune boosting zinc to decrease inflammation, tea tree oil, balancing clay, amongst a laundry list of active, natural ingredients.

A few drops of your chosen Beauty Elixer and one of the above serums creates a micro emulsion; a turbocharged, bespoke treatment that will address wherever you fall on the spectrum of skincare needs.