Rodin Olio Lusso

Photo: Danielle Kosann

Photo: Danielle Kosann

The holidays are over, and with the new year comes the old lessons we have to continually relearn: Slow down. Less is more. Focus on the essential few over the insignificant many. Buy less. Donate what you don't need or what doesn't bring you some measure of joy. After the decadence of December—and its residual effects on the wallet and waistline—it does the soul good to sweep away the tinsel, to luxuriate in the simplicity of a cup of hot water with lemon, to light a single white candle or bask in the clean winter light through the window.

In the spirit of this renewed appreciation for simplicity, Linda Rodin's eponymous line, RODIN, and its star product, Olio Lusso, deserve recognition. As does Rodin's pared down beauty routine, which is basically a splash of water in the morning, followed by three drops of her facial oil and either a bright pink or bright orange lipstick. In the evening, she uses a washcloth or a powder exfoliant, more oil, and that's it. 

A 1960s model-turned-stylist, Rodin has honed her personal aesthetic to practically a trademark. Dissatisfied with available oils, she experimented in the kitchen (with best friend and Yves Saint Laurent muse Laetitia Casta), and after much trial and error, she hit on a cocktail that ticked all of her boxes. As she says on her website, “What I longed for was something far simpler—products for the here-and-now, that caress the skin noticeably and without any delay. Nothing out there did quite that.” Olio Lusso—or "luxury oil," in Italian—has rocketed from cult beauty status to a beloved staple in both the green and mainstream beauty industries.

So, this's expensive and I initially balked at the price and ordered a sample from the obliging folks at Upon first application, I was really impressed. The scent is quality jasmine and neroli but disappears quickly. The golden oil itself isn't heavy or too viscous, but immediately absorbs, without a greasy sheen. My skin immediately looked healthier, and was still supple when I woke up the next morning (though nine hours of sleep didn't hurt either). Olio Lusso is a blend of carrier and essential oils that are clinically proven and apothecary mainstays: fatty acid-rich sunflower oil, lightweight apricot oil, mineral rich sweet almond oil, and antioxidant-full Jojoba oil. The magic really comes from neroli (orange blossom) for elasticity, de-puffing arnica, soothing calendula, rosehip oil (nature's Retin-A), nourishing evening primrose, and the beauty industry's darling, argan oil. Oh, and the jasmine oil, which lends a romantic vibe and makes you feel prettier and luxurious just for dabbing it on. It's rare that people beg for their nightly skincare's fragrance to be bottled, so it's no wonder why Rodin has launched a fragrance that smells exactly like her famed oil.