Earth Tu Face Voyage! Travel Kit

Earth Tu Face, the creation of two herbalists hailing from Oakland has been a darling of the minimalist set. Similar to more simple lines, like S.W. Basics and Soapwalla, in that the list of ingredients are sparse and effective, they are stringent about their safety of their ingredients and responsible packaging. However, one thing that is unusual about them – and that I love – is that their products are formulated to last 3.5 years without the use of traditional preservatives. 

The face wash is gentle and lightly nourishing with the addition of coconut, jojoba and olive oils. The serum is similarly lightweight with natural skin refiners like carrot seed oil, rose geranium and Vitamin E. My favorite of the trio was the cardamon laced coconut oil body butter. This was unlike another coconut balm I tried, the scent was delicate but intriguing. And it worked wonders on my perpetually parched elbows, which is a testament to its efficacy.