Vapour Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

That seriously glowing, lit from within, complexion we all aspire to takes a lot of work. Genetics does play a role, but to get there, most of us need a combination of sleep, adequate hydration and nutrition, exercise, fresh air, sun protection, regular exfoliation, and a steady stream of nourishment to the skin through an involved skin care program.

Or an easier hack is to use Vapour Beauty's foundations. Their Atmosphere Luminous foundation, which comes in a stick (light to medium coverage), and their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation comes in a pump bottle and offers medium to heavy coverage. It behaves like a tinted moisturizer with a whipped consistency, and is incredibly easy to apply and blend in. This manages to smooth out discoloration and uneven texture (large pores, slacking skin, dry patches) while looking like you're now wearing any make up. The effect is dewy, well-rested skin.

If there was a foundation that could turn back the clock, this would be it.