Vintner's Daughter

One of the hallmarks of the clean beauty revolution are the overwhelming roster of facial oils. In some ways, it's an easy hack to get measurable results from relatively easy to access ingredients. Because oils penetrate the layers of the skin efficiently, infusing the skin with antioxidants and plumping up the complexion with moisture restored, i's a lo-fi way of doing skincare right. Rose hip oil, for example, isn't all that expensive. And there are brands that are basically DIY kitchen projects with brilliant marketing and packaging for those not inclined to mix their own products.

That said, along comes Vintner's Daughter, a bottle that irrefutably ups the facial oil game with serious cred, a sensory experience followed by jaw dropping (and quick!) results. I was eager to test it out after hearing miraculous testimonies about this sleek black bottle. It's not inexpensive – it's as luxe as clean skincare gets –  but if you're after results, you will be smitten after the first application. 

Several drops pressed and patted into the skin for 30 seconds, and you're done. Minutes to hours later, skin looks satiated, well rested and glowing. I used this religiously throughout the latter weeks of my pregnancy, even pausing for a moment to pat some more on during labor while packing and rushing to the hospital to deliver my daughter. It's been the only thing to keep bumps from surfacing, calm patches of irritation, and keep the summer swollen pores and post-partum dry skin that usually plagues me at bay. I was going to pick up an eye cream, then realized I really didn't need one given this does the job so well.

Minimalists will appreciate that not only is this holy grail bottle versatile, – deemed a "desert island" product by it's creator, April Gargiulo – is the sole offering from the line. Gargiulo, a winemaker following her family's tradition, applied the stringent processes for creating wine towards creating her cocktail of 22 oils. She spent years sorting through a dizzying amount of research and experimentation before landing on the perfect combination, including standbys like Avocado and Carrot Seed Oil with more exotic additions like Frankincense and Tumeric Root Oils. Gargiulo wanted a high end product that ticked all the boxes for skincare woes (hormonal, dry, itchy, acne, wrinkles...), and now proudly goes makeup-free. Vintner's Daughter is definitely worth checking out if you'd like to see just how good your skin is capable of getting.