Makeup artist and W3LL People founder, Shirley Pinkson (!!), was in Seattle's Queen Anne Pharmaca for an event, and I was able to score an appointment with her on a warm Sunday afternoon. It was all low key, which was great as I was 9 months pregnant, and my 2 year old was besotted with all the testers, which required a bit of wrangling during the 30 minutes of sitting in her chair. I was admittedly quite excited to see Shirley, rushing up to her while she was snacking on a ProBar between appointments and she graciously met me at my level of enthusiasm. We were chatting a mile a minute while she did my makeup, for those curious, she has just as commanding a presence in person as she does on screen. 

During our conversation, I learned:

  • Shirley suggests applying Altruist powder foundation with a brush as a concealer. When I asked what she normally uses, she shared that the Altruist is her personal goto foundation over the Narcissist stick. (It's worth mentioning she lives in a very warm and sunny climate.)
  • W3LL PEOPLE is coming out with a liquid liner in October. (This was divulged after I complimented her on her cat eye, which was clearly not drawn on with a pencil.)
  • They are also coming out with two different eye shadow compacts to be released during the holidays. (I put in a bid a for a five-pan compact. I find four or less is so limiting, while anything more than five is overwhelming.)
  • They are going to eventually expand into skincare, but right now working on a tinted moisturizer with SPF. 

And below, I outlined Shirley's steps while doing my makeup:

  • Narcissist #2 applied with a kabuki brush where needed.
  • Bio Bronzer stick over the Bio Brightener powder patted across the cheeks, tip of the nose, and chin with a flat brush.
  • Universalist #7 (a vibrant berry I would have never chosen for myself, but I ended up loving) on the applies of the cheeks and lips.
  •  Bio Correct concealer as a eyeshadow base and Elitist eyeshadow in 814 (a sparkling salmon pink) applied all over the lid.
  • Hypnotist eye pencil #3 (a deep plummy violet) lined all around the eyes before applying Expressionist mascara in black.
  • Lastly, Bio Extreme lipgloss #4, (shimmering gold) on the lips. 

One final note, W3LL PEOPLE is now even more accessible to folks as they've lowered their price point, and expanding their footprint to include retailers like Target. Not only are their products solid and their standards stringent, but their ethos to meet the consumer where they are is really admirable.